We filmed Thanet Council leader Clive Hart – plus charming child – on Saturday and he spoke frankly about his hopes and fears for the Isle.

Clive said his biggest fear was for the future of the QEQM hospital. He was worried that a loss of services might lead to a downgrading of the hospital, and he said the council would fight to stop this happening.

An emergency public meeting has since been called to discuss threats to Thanet’s health services including the hospital, mental services and GP practices.

The meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday May 23rd at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs CT10 2BT. All welcome.

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  1. Good Interview. I wish there had just been two extra questions.

    A. As a late 50 Something Industry Professional I am considered too old or too over qualified to be employable. Though ageism is unlawful there is no will to catch the perpertrators so it leave me on Benefit. Housing Benefit has just been lowered in Thantet by £10 a week for my group and leaves me topping up my rent by £18 a week out of my £67 the law says I must have, that leaves me living on less that £5.00 a day after my utility bills and rent is paid. I go everywhere on my bicycle now as I can’t afford anything else or public transport. Fortunately I aren’t in bad health contaray to employers belief but Margate Hospital staff have already been told to prepare for a move to Ashford. Its too far to cycle and a train ticket is £11.00. After 40 years of paying into a system supporting the elite 1% I am been told I am a burden on ‘taxpayers and they can’t be expected to carry me’ which leaves me living on rice and tuna fish or (the urban joke) beans on toast. Now I can’t afford to go to hospital for an appointment and I definately can’t afford health insurance. Laura Sandys should be recalled on a vote of no confidence for supporting a government who sold out our NHS rather than facing the task of sorting it out. She will now support the liar Cameron who promised us more freedom and restoration of our liberties and who now wants to support tapping out phones and emails so we can’t legally protest without been headed offby the Police who still have faith in the lie they are protected as one of them. Will TDC be putting on charity buses for the poverty stricken to get to Ashford? NO!

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