Shocking news hits me from on one of Thanet’s utterly reliable bloggers.

Thanet Watch magazine, for which I write, is apparently funded by money from the totalitarian territory of North Korea.

Surely not!

But if it’s on the blogs…

I make enquiries, and discover to my utter astonishment, this staggering, unbelievable rumour is true.

Apparently Thanet Watch put in for a special grant from the horrific regime’s Blood Money Fund and won a huge amount of development money.

I ring up someone with strong connections to an anonymous Chinese takeaway in Minster and ask him for details.

“Oh yeah, yeah,” he says, “It was either you, a new community centre in Broadstairs Pierremont Park or an underground day centre for members of the Ramsgate Society. You just got it.”

Someone has smacked my gob and I have lost all feeling in it. 

By Old Mole


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