I hear a surprising comment that a popular animated cartoon character has been selected to be the next Mayor of Margate! What a wonderful idea.

Further investigation reveals that in reality this is a 22 year old councillor called William Scobie and local wags have most comically got his name mixed up with that of a cartoon character called Scooby-Doo.

But I really do think it’s a wonderful idea.

For instance, I understand our local Conservative Party is looking for a new leader – so why not a Homer Simpson lookalike?

What better way to propel them back into the public imagination?

Of course he’d have to be rather overweight, bald, with a yellowing complexion and an overweening sense of his own self-importance importance… but, boys and girls, you could find someone, couldn’t you?

But watching the mayor of Margate in action on film is an awesome sight.

Just have a look at him on… Will Scobie

Even to Old Mole’s dim eyes, the 23-year old Mr William Scobie is destined for greater things.

So confident, so self-assured, so fluent, so media-savvy…

I put it to my great friend Janet from Thanet that this man is indubitably the next Tony Blair.

“Yeah,” Janet says, “All he needs to find is a couple of spare countries to smash, thousands and thousands of people to slaughter, and war crimes to dodge, and yeah, he could be the next Tony Blair.”

Trust Janet!

Old Mole


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