You may recall the other week a Thanet blogger alleged that the monthly magazine THANET WATCH for which I work was funded by the government of North Korea

I’ve sure it’s true, everything in the Thanet blogs is,  but why o why would the heirs of Kim “Eternal President” ll Sung want to spend their hard earned North Korean wons on us?

Now I think I have come up with an answer. 

North Korea is an extremely corrupt regime, as you know, but they must have heard scurrilous and unfounded rumours that there is somewhere even more corrupt, none than our own blessed Isle.

And so they must be funding this publication to establish whether or not this is true.

But what’s the basis of my belief, you ask?

Well, if this weren’t the case, why on earth would Thanet Watch be publishing a SPECIAL CORRUPTION ISSUE in a few days time?

It contains the most astounding and appalling evidence of corruption in the history of local government anywhere.

North Korea will be green with envy, I promise you.

Keep sending the wons, Kim.

“Thanet Leisure Force” … such a wonderful name isn’t it?

You can imagine them parachuting off the top balcony off one of the most historic venues in Britain and landing on the stage in the middle of some arty production and saying “Okay that’s enough of this elitist crap, bring on the male strippers and mixed martial arts death-matches!”

Apparently Jim Davidson is being brought in as artistic director.


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