Shocking news from Thanet Council.

The organisation has turned to drugs to settle the fierce quarrels between the pugnacious party politicos.

As a result Labour council members have decided to shrug their shoulders, chill out, and leave the Tories to take control of the council again.

But, no. Further investigation reveals that it’s all a dream, or, rather, a mistake.

A document was released which showed council members with titles accidentally swopped round.

The document is quickly re-released corrected.

But one thing which remains is its reference to a new “Joint Transformation Board”.

This surely is solid evidence that the council is determined to experiment with powerful chemical substances in pursuit of excellence in local government practices.

But no, apparently, this, too, is a mistake.

Joint Transformation Board should be Joint TRANSPORTATION board.

Such a shame.

(My thanks to that great blogger Michael Child for help in investigating this mystery.)


One comment

  1. Not that I am a member of the joint transfomation committee, but I wholeheartedly agree with the legalisation of mind altering substances for recreational purposes. The war against drugs is lost lets look at new ideas

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