MP for Thanet South Laura Sandys sent this statement to to the meeting on Wednesday 23rd May called to discuss changes in the NHS in Thanet. 

I am very sorry not to be with you tonight.  The NHS is an extremely important part of not just our public sector but our national identity and as a result it is crucial that we ensure that we have an excellent service delivering for all residents of South Thanet.  I will always be committed to a health service that is free to all, funded from general taxation and delivers on the basis of need- not ability to pay.

We are absolutely committed to not only protecting the NHS but also improving it. Indeed we are spending more on the NHS than the opposition is committing to spend. This is not to say that there are not some really difficult issues that we need to face with the rise in the cost of medications and the increasing ageing of the population.

With regards to QEQM, I have on several occasions made clear that I am completely against any erosion to Accident and Emergency services at QEQM. Roger Gale and I have had several meetings with Stuart Bain and the consultants at the hospital, bringing them together to discuss some of the issues around patient safety. I am extremely concerned about rumours that have been circulating stating that A & E at Margate is to be closed. This is absolutely not true and I have had the chairman and chief executive’s personal assurances that this is categorically not the case. We have a wonderful local hospital with excellent facilities and I will fight to keep it that way.

I am very happy to take up any concerns that you have or that emerge from the meeting tonight.  As your local MP, I am here to help and constituents can always contact me.

Very best wishes

Laura Sandys


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