Thanet Councillor John Worrow sends a personal message to David Cameron

This is the statement that Independent Thanet Councillor John Worrow has made about Conservative Councillor Ken Gregory.


Last night I recieved a telephone call from an Inspector from Kent Police confirming that Councillor Ken Gregory is the person who committed a homophobic hate crime against me in the form of a voice mail. As this was Mr Gregory’s first hate crime, it was decided to give him a caution. As Mr Gregory can not possibly remain a member of the Conservative Party or a member of Thanet District Council after saying “With a bit of luck you’re get aids”I feel that a caution should be punishment enough. My colleagues and I hope that this has not trigged a hate campaign. There is absolutely no justification what-so-ever for that kind of behaviour towards anyone regardless of their race, religion, gender or sexuality and I expect a full apology at the next council meeting.
Councillor John Worrow

One comment

  1. Surely this Ken Gregory should now resign or be expelled from the party. It seems in Thanet that the the ‘Nasty Party’ is not afraid of showing its colours. You don’t have to be Worrow’s biggest fan to realise just how disgraceful this comment is. In any commercial organisation it would result in instant dismissal. Congratulations to Thanet Watch for exposing the truth once again!

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