Who were the punk bands that set Thanet alight in the 1970s?

In the second part of his series on how punk came to Thanet, Steven Todd focuses on the cutting edge performers of the time.

The Rivals, the Record Players, and, of course, the wonderful Arnold were essential home grown talent.

But outside groups made a huge impact.

Sham 69, Todd says, came with an “ocean of skins”.

Get a taste of this piece of crucial cultural history in this summer’s issue of Thanet Watch in newsagents across Thanet now.

If you have trouble getting hold of a copy, ring Thanet Watch on 01843 604 253.



  1. I was there with Leech and Flea and my brothers – St Luke’s club. Ha ha! never thought I’d see that cover again! Nice one.

  2. i was there at st likes. you may remember there was an incident with the local residents which Roi Oi and his mates kindly sorted out. I was 15 at the time. Nearly 50 now

      1. Yes I knew you although I was a bit younger. I was at school with Paul L and Paul D. i was a couple of years younger. Me and my mates were avid fans. I sill have my copy of Future Rights. I once embarrassingly told jokes when the power went down when Naughty Thoughts played a gig in Birchington.

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