Month: January 2013



Shocking stories of child abuse in the 1950s in Thanet appear in the new issue of THANET WATCH magazine.

Men and women claim they were viciously treated as children by nuns in two convalescent homes on North Foreland near Broadstairs in the 1950s.

One women recalls seeing a girl being savagely beaten, another says she was made to eat her own vomit.

The children were sent to the homes to benefit from Thanet’s sea air.

But now they reveal they were  subject to forms of physical and psychological punishment, including being beaten and humiliated for wetting the bed

“To this day,” says one man, “I cannot understand why the nuns appeared to take delight in tormenting some of the young and vulnerable children in their care. For the full story of the Nuns of North Foreland, see the new issue of THANET WATCH magazine available in newsagents across Thanet now. If you have problems finding a copy ring us on 01843 604 253.