Councillor Ian Driver, chair of the council’s Overview & Scrutiny committee says he’s committed to revealing secret documents about the scandal over Ramsgate’s sea front. But, he says, people in the council are trying to gag him…


  1. One brave and honest man. I wish it could be said of our cabinet members on Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, I sincerely hope his electorate appreciate this man’s integrity and honour!

    1. Let’s hope the council members involved are voted out. Congratulations for standing up for ethics and standards of conduct.

  2. Well done Ian, too much corruption in local authorities. The same stories exist in East Sussex with similar mysterious arson attacks ie the West PierBrighton. The prime seafront sites the developers are drooling over the prospet of erecting expensive flats for the rich and their 2nd homes whilst talking of imposing a bedroom tax on social housing. We need more like Ian men with integrity.

  3. I just wish he would stop shouting his mouth off all the time. He took a pledge when he became a councillor and like many others, he has disgraced himself by breeching confidentail papers . We can not continue to allow councillors to breech their code of conduct. He is no better than the rest of them that have dishonoured their position. I certainly will not vote for him in the next election, he is certainly not a councillor who abides by the rules, what kind of example does this show to others.

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