We asked Martyn Heale of UKIP tobe interviewed about his past membership of other parties, including the National Front. Here is his reply.

Thank you for your email.

Dear Mr Thomas,

Martyn is not giving interviews, however, a copy of a recent press statement follows.



I can confirm that I was an active  member of the National Front over 34 years ago in London. I have said on many occasions that I regret that youthful, and as it turned out unwise decision to join. After I left the NF I had a short daliance with New Britain before becoming a candidate in a by election in Fulham  in 1979 for the multi-racial Progress Party which my wife and I had joined. I was after that a member of the Conservative Party in West Ham, Fulham and finally South Thanet for over 15 years. While in the Conservative Party I was Chairman of Northwood Ward for seven years and Chairman of Ramsgate Conservtives for one year, at the same time  Major John Thomas was Chairman of the Association. I stood for them in Northwood Ward in the local elections, twice, and also in the Northwood and Eastcliff KCC Division. I confirmed my previous NF membership to the selection committee and was endorsed by both local Party and Jonathan Aitken.

I left the Tory Party in 2000 to develop my business, and in 2003 stood with my good friend Bernie Baldwin in Ramsgate as an Independent Candidate after disagreeing with the replacement candidate for Aitken, Mark Mcgregor and John Kirby’s view of Ramsgate’s future, particularly the sea front. I met UKIP members at the count and then in August 2003 joined UKIP declaring my past history as an activist with the NF on my application form

I categorically state that my NF membership was a bad decision,, and one that I sincerely regret. I denounce racism in any form, which is evidenced by me marrying the woman I loved,  who is Egyptian. We were married for 15 years and have a family, my 30-year old son from that marriage also lives in Broadstairs.

I am standing in the Ramsgate Division for Kent County Council with the full support of my branch. I stood down as Chairman of the local branch for the duration of the election to enable me to concentrate on the campaign in which  I am not only a candidate, but the Agent for five others standing in  both County and a TDC by election.


I will not be giving any interviews, or making further comment.

Kindest regards

Martyn Heale 



  1. Taking his dates he was in South Thanet tories in 1996 when the anti fascist magazine Searchlight published a series of reports about Ramsgate. Naming one South Thanet tory as a “Messenger boy for Britains nazi elite the League of St George”.

    1. So what, Richard, or do you assume guilt by association? By the way, HM is the Patron of the League of St. George. Are you suggesting she is also a Nazi? Confirm that in writing and I will personally seek a warrant for your arrest.

      1. Correction to above. I stick with the challenge of assuming guilt by association but accept I got my St George organiosations mixed up. HM is not a patron of the League of St George.

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