A THANET WATCH REPORT. On April 23rd the Overview and Scrutiny Panel of Thanet Council met to discuss Ramsgate seafront and missing art from council buildings. The chair, Ian Driver, had said he would welcome filming from local journalists. But when we set up to film, the councillors and the council official present objected. This film is of highlights of the debate before we were asked to stop filming. Full report in Thanet Watch magazine


      1. What a strong woman – I support the FREEDOM OF SPEECH and to film all meetings – so does Parliament – Bernard La Roche

  1. hehehe… who’d want to be a Councillor? 10 minutes to decide if you were to be allowed to film.. and bless them no one wanted to say that it was you they wanted to stop and that the others were ok. Sorry Chris, I know it is serious, but it is a little bit funny too ;o)

  2. Ian Driver was excellent. The others weren’t. And it seems obvious that they are very scared of your brand of worthwhile reporting

  3. very difficult to stoo someone recording their mobile phone….. strip searches next to make sure yoh don’t have your phone on record?

  4. There is no such thing as an ‘Accredited Journalist’ – there is no magical ‘Press Card’ which makes you accredited.

  5. What I don’t understand is that film coverage of our Parliament is on TV practically 24 hours a day so if it’s good enough for central government, then why not local government? We do need to have open and transparent council proceedings and all this fuss about being filmed only serves to perpetuate that there is indeed something that the council want to hide from the public. If you choose to stand in public office, then indeed – go public!

    1. Because the feed on Parliament TV or whatever it is called is unedited or affiliated to any person, party and therefore just an unbiased feed of what is going on. The problem people have with TDC is that the video/audio is normally poor quality and available days after the fact.
      Please take into account the difference in available finance between local and national Government though!

  6. What is wrong with these people? What year do they think it is? 1890?
    They are accountable to the public. The public pay their expenses and facilitate their election in the first place. How DARE they object to the public being able to see what they are doing and how they are behaving!

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