UKIP election candidate Roger Latchford calls in the police after a confrontation with a local councillor

The trouble arose after councillor Bernard La Roche stood holding a placard with a Nazi swastika in front of Latchford’s stall.

Latchford was until recently in the Tory party and previously the deputy leader of Thanet Council.

He was a close colleague and friend of the ex-leader of the council, currently serving 18 months in prison for misconduct in public office.

For more about the politics and murky goings on in Thanet, East Kent see the new issue of Thanet Watch magazine in newsagents now, or if you have trouble getting a copy, ring Thanet Watch on 07989 070843.


  1. Cllr La Roche is a well known controversial figure in Birchington, frequent letter writer to the Gazette and one of the major reasons why half of the Birchington parish councillors resigned. His attack on Roger Latchfrord is personally motivated.

    There is, of course, no connection between UKIP, a legitimate political party, and the Nazis, but that would not stop La Roche, hardly a practiser of democraticf principles himselfr, making such implication.

    As for your link to former leader of TDC, Ezekiel, why would they not be friends. They worked together on the council for years or does Thanet Watch subscribe to the fair weather friend principle.

    1. Having read reports of this incident elsewhere it would seem that far from being a UKIP bust up, this was a staged stunt. The UKIP candidate remained calm throughout and all the aggro eminated from the Cllr La Roche side who, funnily enough, just happened to have the diversity champion and a well known local snapper on hand to record the incident.

      Seems Worrow’s obsessive hate of Roger Latchford knows no bounds, but keep trying folks and maybe, one day, you will pull off stunt we do not all see through instantly.

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