Thanet Benefit Justice group begin a campaign against the bedroom tax.
People in Thanet, East Kent, speak of the impact of the tax on their lives.
A councillor compares the new tax to the poll tax which brought Mrs Thatcher down.



  1. There is no such thing as bedroom tax, but simply an attempt to limit social housing size to that befitting the occupants. If you want to argue that a little old lady should be allowed to sit out her time in a five bedroom house whilst some unfortunate family are elsewhere living in B & B, be my guest.

    1. William, in reply to you comment, I would argue that almost all the older people who are in council houses with spare rooms say they would be delighted to move to a one bedroomed house if the council had them on offer.
      Maybe if the Tory government, led by the ultra right PM Thatcher, hadn’t changed the Rent and Housing Act in 1988, which enabled the selling off of council houses and rent caps to be lifted, we would not be in the dire state of housing we now face. A third of ex council houses are now owned by private landlords, not even owners, many of them rich Tory’s. Those wishing to downsize to something smaller and cheaper to run no longer have the option.

      Perhaps, it might be better if you argued for a massive programme of council house building, stop the selling of both council and Housing Association homes. Moreover, cap rents and give secure tenancies in the private sector. These measures, if undertaken, would almost certainly see the end of the housing crisis. Thus, the question of the ‘little old lady’ in her five bed roomed house would be redundant.

      1. Bunny, my argument was not so much about cause as this ridiculous notion that somehow this is a tax. It is not.

        As for the flogged to death old horse about Thatcher and right to buy, we have since had thirteen years of Labour rule and with a sizeable majority for most of that time. Did they do anything to reverse the trend? No, and if you check it out, more social housing was sold off under Labour than by the Tories.

        Incidentally, I am no fan of Thatcher, who ratted on assurances given to my people and cost my family dear, but no bunch of politicians seem to be any better than the others on close examination.

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