The Battle for Manston Airport is over. The Battle against Building Houses on Manston Airport is about to begin. Says editor Norman Thomas: “People have been grossly misled. There was never any hope that the airport would be kept as an airport. The plan has always been to build houses on it. If people don’t want that to happen, they have to start organising.”

The May issue of Thanet Watch lays out the evidence for Ann Gloag’s agenda — in newsagents now.Image 


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  1. I think the pro-airport lot are being incredibly naïve in believing that River Oak represent a chance to save the airport. They may well have made a derisory offer but there is no good reason to suppose that they would be prepared to continue underwriting the substantial losses the airport has made year on year for the last fifteen years. They may just see an opportunity to acquire a 700 acre brownfield site on the cheap. You have to wonder what strategy they could possibly have to turn things around when so many people have already tried and failed. There comes a point where you have to concede that maybe it never had great potential in the first place.

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