Here’s an absolutely magnificent and moving piece written by one of the nicest chaps you could find in Thanet, Clive Sax. We thought it was so powerful we really had to publish it here…

I’m not a very visceral person, rarely feel things through my body. If I had to describe my natural state it would be as an observer. One who watches life and tries to understand and take actions to support others to find their own voice and power. The person in the fray, at the front of the March, taking direct action, that’s not me.

But today rage coursed through my body when a Ukipper came to my door to peddle his fear based ideologies, ideologies born out of projection rather than reflection, ideologies that legitimise hatred and speak to the smallest, most insignificant part of humanity.

The mean, mealy mouthed rhetoric of those who wrap their own hatred in lies about themselves and others, who twist facts and shine a light of blame on those who struggle to find a voice and stand up to the worst part in all of us. Divisive in our communities, UKIP are wandering the streets of Thanet trying to turn hearts and minds on themselves whilst claiming to be the voice of the people who live in this diverse and changing part of the UK.

They speak for no one, these loud empty vessels without substance. Blind to themselves and blind to our shared experience, that if they saw and tried to know, would liberate them into actions that reflect and support unity.

Qualities such as empathy, support and a willingness to simply try and understand the very basic needs of all those who reside here in Thanet.

Their agenda is simple. Divide and conquer, take from the many, disenfranchise the vulnerable and give to the few.

It is a horrible state of affairs. To those who are my neighbours and friends who feel UKIP speaks for them, I will stay open to you whatever your views in the hope that we can have a conversation and explore how we came to feel the way we do.

But I need to let you know, your hatred sets up a stirring in my bones, quickens my heart and awakens in me a desire to fight. A rare and new experience for me that needs to be known and understood so as best to harness it in the name of acceptance, support, unity and a cohesive community.
old mole


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