Norman Thomas, editor of Thanet Watch magazine, has called on UKIP leader to intervene in a campaign of intimidation which he says is being run against his publication and Thanet Stand Up To UKIP group.

“People who dare to oppose UKIP publicly are now being subject to threats and intimidation by far right groups and individuals. Mr Farage must condemn these acts and tell them to stop it.”

Thanet Watch and some of its distributors, said Mr Thomas, have received threatening anonymous letters covered in swastikas.

He added: “We have also received reports from Ramsgate members of the campaign group Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) who say they have received the same letters apparently for daring to display anti-UKIP posters in their windows.

“A SUTU organiser has been assaulted and there have been a number of intimidating messages posted on social media threatening further action including ‘ethnic cleansing’.

“This last message was aimed at a SUTU meeting which is being hosted by Thanet Watch at the Red Hall in Broadstairs tonight (Thursday).”

Mr Thomas says that the police have been informed.

“I understand Mr Farage will disassociate himself and UKIP from these actions by far right groups and individuals, but the fact remains that UKIP attracts this kind of support from these kind of people – at least one of whom has a criminal record.

“He must call off these dogs — even if technically they aren’t his. He must condemn them and tell them to stop intimidating people who are simply attempting to exercise their democratic rights.”

The latest issue of Thanet Watch is out now…



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