Nigel Farage still hasn’t responded to our call for him to speak out on attempts to intimidate and threaten people who publicly oppose UKIP in South Thanet. Below is the full text letter Norman Thomas, editor of Thanet Watch magazine, emailed to Mr Farage yesterday…

Dear Nigel Farage

I’m writing to ask your aid in a matter of great local concern involving acts of intimidation against people in South Thanet attempting to exercise their democratic rights to peacefully express their political views.

Members of the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) campaign who have put up entirely lawful posters opposing UKIP in their windows in the Ramsgate area have received threatening leaflets.

Thanet Watch and its distributors (small shops and newsagents) have also received threatening leaftlets on account of the magazine’s campaign against UKIP.

Extreme right wing individuals, with a history of criminal activity, have attempted to intimidate members of SUTU and a SUTU organiser was recently assaulted.

There have been messages on social media threatening action against SUTU.

The latest example is a notification by the National Front that they intend targeting the regular SUTU meeting which we as Thanet Watch magazine are hosting at the Red Hall tonight.

All the above incidents have been reported to the local police.

I realise you claim not to be associated with the groups and individuals responsible for these kind of actions, but the fact remains that they would not be doing them if UKIP wasn’t running the kind of campaign they are.

Could you please make an immediate statement condemning such actions but most importantly urging these people in no uncertain terms to desist from these actions forthwith?

Thank you

Norman Thomas

The only response we got was a statement from UKIP’s PR man Raheem Kassam which said: “UKIP has always believed in peaceful democracy, and has never and will never, have any truck with extremists organisations or actions. We are the only party to ban extremists from joining, and we are the only party that has committed to entirely positive campaigning.”

Come on Nige, tell us what you think. TW32 POSTER


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