Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 13.42.30.jpgOLD MOLE’S ELECTION DIARY

Christine Tongue, film-maker of this parish, has been barred from attending one of UKIP’s “public” meetings this Saturday.

And this is from a meeting in Broadstairs where she lives and votes and so is absolutely qualified to attend.

It’s not the first time.

Previously she was barred by Martyn Heale, Nigel Farage’s campaign manager.

This time it was Raheem Kassam, UKIP’s notorious national PR man, who did the job – but in a very odd way.

First, he said Christine was being barred from the meeting because of the “nasty” coverage of UKIP in the current issue of Thanet Watch magazine.

(Please note, Raheem: Christine is a regular contributor to the Watch, but she didn’t actually write anything for this issue.)

It was pointed out to Raheem that this is hardly grounds to bar someone from a public meeting.

Raheem claimed it was a private meeting.

It was then pointed out to him that UKIP was advertising it as a public meeting.

Raheem then claimed the meeting was full up.

But Christine had applied in advance for a ticket and got one –

Raheem didn’t want to listen to that and terminated the conversation.

Raheem, Raheem – the one thing PR people should do is get their story (however ropey) straight.

Remember that the next time you ban a journalist from attending a “public” meeting organised by a party so committed to freedom of speech,

(Raheem is here pictured with a gun, presumably demonstrating his enthusiastic support of UKIP’s policy of legalising handguns. Journalists trying to get into UKIP public meetings without Raheem’s permission should be warned.)


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