The following article was written by EMILY ROBINSON. Emily is a second year university student who has lived in Ramsgate all her life. Earlier this year she saw the BBC documentary Meet The Ukippers and was shocked at what she saw.

Meet the Ukippers was a somewhat enlightening documentary, to say the least. It even led to the dismissal of one UKIP councillor, Rozanne Duncan after her racist comments were caught on camera.

The debate as to whether UKIP is a deeply racist party continues, with the party’s press officers forever having to cover up blunders such as the one made by Duncan.

Most would define racism as denying someone their basic human rights because of their race or ethnicity.

The general verdict as to whether this applies to UKIP as a whole is still vague.
Most seem to accept that yes, there are racist candidates who slip through the net, but this does not apply to every single party member or supporter.

When UKIP is seemingly given more media attention than any other party, it is no surprise that they will often try and use this media coverage for their own gain.

But then it leaves us wondering whether their supporters have only ended up being exactly that because of the hype.

For example Martyn Heale, local chairman for UKIP, can be heard during the documentary saying things such as “shall we pull a sad face?” and “The British public love the underdog”.

For the most part, those who are not backing Mr. Farage claim that they remain unaffected by what coverage the party has been given, while for those who are feeling more supportive, the media has evoked sympathy.

But whether what is displayed on the front cover of a paper has affected your judgement or not, what it should come down to is what you want done for Thanet, and whether the party you have voted for are going to see those changes come to fruition.

The reopening of Manston Airport, better policing, the utilisation of empty buildings, and more schooling places, are all things that have been repeatedly mentioned by many Thanet citizens.

Having said that, not everyone is up in arms over immigration in the area.

To quote one passerby speaking with a UKIP representative in Meet The Ukippers “You have the balls to stand up and say what people think.”

Sorry sir, but I cannot agree with that statement.

Anna, a local Broadstairs citizen said “I disagree with the manifesto, as it is all about the immigrants and blaming them for everything.”

What really came to light while I was interviewing locals about this subject, was how little most people knew about the party other than their immigration policies.

The most concerning thing to come from the influence UKIP holds over Thanet is the lack of faith people have in the votes they cast.

One out of six people replied “yes” when they were asked whether they had confidence in who they voted for, with many voting tactically rather than for what they truly agree with.


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