old mole


What a master of weasel words is the larger than life London mayor Boris Johnston.

He comes to Thanet to give a boost to the Tory election campaign and delivers a great speech in favour of reopening Manston airport and saying what great opportunities it has for carrying passengers and freight… But listen to how his rambling sentence ends:”…until such time as politicians other than myself have got together to solve the aviation problems of the south east.”

So, Bozzers old man, you mean then that Thanet Council should take the highly risky (not to say bonkers) financial move of taking out a Compulsory Purchase Order to reopen the airport so it can stay open for as long as it takes some other politicians to decide it isn’t needed again…?

Or are you just talking the nonsense your script requires of you in the Conservative-UKIP pantomime of pretence that there is a future for Manston which will last just so long as the election campaign is on?

It must be one or the other Bozzers old boy…


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