old mole

Hardly a day goes past here at Thanet Watch Towers than we get another request from some illustrious organ of the world press and media to come and see what’s going on with the anti-UKIP campaign in Thanet.

Why is this? you ask. Is it down to the world’s sudden fascination with the extraordinary nature of the anti-UKIP movement and the rebellious glamour of its members?

Perhaps, but the main reason, Moley suspects, is that UKIP is simply refusing to deal with the journos any more.

Farage is by and large not giving interviews to them and his minions are going to great lengths to stop them getting into the “public” meetings UKIP are holding across Thanet.

But why?

Why should the ebullient Mr Farage suddenly become so publicity shy?

The most obvious conclusion is that UKIP has now worked out who their core voters in Thanet are and aren’t trying to win over any new voters.

Additional publicity can only now lose them votes – and so they’re shutting out the press.

Oh give us an interview, Nige, please! No, don’t be camera shy. Please!


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