making plan sfo rnigel

If you want to know what makes UKIP – and Nigel Farage – tick, get hold of this fantastic new book.

Called “Making Plans For Nigel”, the book tells the party’s history and documents the evidence for the anti-woman, anti-gay, right-wing Tory and essential racist attitudes at its heart.

The idea that the party just has a few maverick loonies who the media pick on to discredit them is entirely demolished and the book puts forward an irrefutable case that UKIP’s intrinsic nastiness starts at the top – with Farage.

The book, by Harry Paterson, is published by Five Leaves Publications and costs ¬£7.99. If you can’t find one in the shops, first say to them “Why haven’t you got this book?” then go visit where you’ll be able to order one.


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