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Old Mole is reading a copy of the splendid new book, Making Plans For Nigel, by Harry Paterson, when he reads something that makes him choke on his mole-muesli.

The chap who originally founded UKIP, Alan Sked, is quoted as saying of Nigel Farage in the 1990s: “He [Farage] wanted ex-National Front candidates to run and I said, ‘I’m not sure about that,’ and he said, ‘There’s no need to worry about the nigger vote. The nig nogs will never vote for us.'”

The book states Mr Farage denies ever saying such a thing, and that Sked has challenged Mr Farage to sue for libel and slander, but Mr Farage has not done so.

Old Mole’s ghasted is flabber and we, of course, instantly get onto UKIP’s stalwart PR man Raheem Kassam and ask him for Mr Farage’s response to this jaw-dropping statement?

Mr Kassam’s comment? “We don’t comment on nonsense claims.”

Which is a sort of comment, when you think of it.

But of course there’s absolutely no evidence that Mr Farage has ever used such explicitly racist language, ever again.

He does however seem to be extremely happy to have an ex-National Fronter, Martyn Heale, running his campaign in South Thanet…

Sensational news flash: Harry Paterson author of “Making Plans For Nigel, A Beginner’s Guide To Farage & UKIP” published by Five Leaves Publications, is coming to Thanet to speak on Sunday 3 May. Watch this site for further details.


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  1. Pretty sure he said this. Others were there at the time and have confirmed it, but no proof either way, at least none on record.

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