Thanet Stand Up To UKIP Press Release

An anti-UKIP stall on Broadstairs sea front was attacked by members of an extreme right wing group on Saturday 25 April at around 3pm.
Members of the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) campaign had just packed up their stall when they were attacked by members of an organisation called South East Alliance, a breakaway group from the extreme right wing English Defence Leave.
The police were called but the attackers had vanished before they arrived.
Broadstairs resident Christine Tongue who was on the seafront at the time said: “This was a really frightening incident where in an unprovoked and apparently planned ambush, a group of vicious men chased, intimidated and harassed the Thanet SUTU campaigners who were all women.
Added Christine: “It all happened very quickly, but somebody could easily have been seriously injured. It appeared to me that most of them were from outside the area.”
The attack followed remarks made by Nigel Farage at a meeting in Broadstairs Pavilion the previous night in which he named and criticised Thanet SUTU as a local organisation vocally opposing UKIP.
Jacqueline Walker of Thanet SUTU said: “This was an outrageous attack on people who were peacefully campaigning in a public place in Broadstairs.”
“I was at Nigel Farage’s meeting and some of those same right wing thugs who attacked the Thanet SUTU stall were also at the meeting. I also heard Mr Farage single our Thanet SUTU in a way which he must have known to be inflammatory.
“It is all too likely that Mr Farage’s remarks led to this attack and I call on him to not only disassociate himself from this attack but to also condemn it without reservation.”
Added Jacqueline: “The presence of UKIP and Mr Farage has led to division and conflict in our normally quiet seaside town.
“These thugs will not deter us from continuing to campaign peacefully against UKIP’s attempts to turn our area into a stronghold for their party.”


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