old mole

So when Monsieur Farage comes riding down the road on a tank, try to look surprised, do.

It’s his big secret plan for getting you out to vote and he will be ever so disappointed if you know all about it already.

He told the Telegraph he was planning “something special” for polling day and he was obviously relishing trundling around Ramsgate on a piece of military history.

How surprised and amazed those easily amazed Thanetian people would be…

Sorry about that, Nige.

But it wasn’t hard to work it out really.

I mean, you toyed with the same stunt at some by-election yonks ago and you loved it then, too, didn’t you?

So why not go for it again.

Don’t believe those carping critics who say posing with big guns suggests deep rooted sexual insecurity.

That didn’t put Adolf off, did it?



hitler on tank



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