Anti-UKIP campaigners are calling for one last push to stop Nigel Farage turning Thanet into UKIP’s stronghold in England.

The Thanet Stand Up To UKIP (SUTU) group have declared Saturday 3 May a day of action in Ramsgate.

There will be stalls, music, speeches and more, starting in Ramsgate town centre at 12 noon.

Thanet SUTU is putting out a “May Day” alert for people to come and support this major anti-UKIP event.

A spokesperson for the group said: “UKIP and Farage are a force for division and disunity in our community.

“They constantly attack and scapegoat minorities – immigrants, foreigners, gay people – and the result is that many people who once felt safe and happy in Thanet are now becoming fearful for their future.

“We want to unite the people of Thanet against UKIP’s divisive messages. Let’s all come together to reject Nigel Farage and call on our friends and neighbours to reject him, too.”

“Other parties may have let us down in the past, but we must realise that voting for UKIP will be like going from the frying pan into the fire.”

Thanet SUTU is putting out a plea for help from all over the country.

Said its spokesperson: “If Farage wins in Thanet it will be more than just a disaster for us locally, it will be bad news for the country as a whole. On the other hand he’s said if he loses here he will step down as its leader. Please come and help us stop Farage and his party gaining power here.”


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