Government cuts will mean closing of courses and redundancies at East Kent College.

The college is “consulting” with staff about where the axe is going to cut.

This is devastating news for Thanet.

The following is a statement issued by the college on Thursday 30 April.

Following an announcement from the government that it is to cut the Adult Skills Budget by 24 per cent for the 2015-16 academic year, the management team at East Kent College is consulting with staff over possible redundancies.

Letters have been sent to 44 of the college’s staff informing them that their jobs are at risk.

Graham Razey, Principal of East Kent College, said: “We are obviously hugely disappointed to have to do this as we have been recognised for the vitally important work we are doing to support the local economies of Thanet, Dover and Shepway. These cuts come at a time when the area is showing signs of real economic improvement and businesses are looking to recruit skilled people.

“Our staff are all hugely committed to improving the career opportunities of our students, however income reductions and cost pressures mean we need to save an additional £1.54m from our annual budget and so we need to plan for this reduction.”

The government cuts, combined with increased employer National Insurance contributions, and increased pension contributions for teachers, have put the college’s finances under pressure. The situation has been exacerbated by the government not increasing the funding rates for students.

The consultation with the College’s staff will be undertaken over the next two weeks


One comment

  1. Who needs lecturers? This college has treated it’s staff unfairly for 2 decades to my knowledge. There has been a suicide, ill-health retirements and many redundancies. This facility needs a complete rethink in terms of what it is to offer our local young people and the rest of the community.

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