old mole

Attacked, as they so often are, for the outrageous racist behaviour of their candidates (latest example: the chap who said in Ramsgate he’d shoot his Asian rival if he won and that he wasn’t British enough to be an MP) UKIP has a standard form of defence.

They say the media is just out to get them and that people in the other parties are always getting into trouble but they’re just not reported.

In fact on the BBC today Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of UKIP said: “Since January 1st this year there’s been 319 councillors from all of the other political parties who have either been convicted or stood down.”

Paul, I’m afraid, this is just really a load of old stinking kippers.

For one thing the blog you take this from says it has “published details of 319 councillors from Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats who have been involved with the police over criminal activity or investigated for their behaviour” – which is not the same thing at all as being “convicted or stood down.”

And the list itself seems pretty dodgy, too.

The BBC checked it out and discovered it included the wives and children of councillors, counted some people twice and even had a Dutch mayor among its examples..!

Now that’s what I call scraping the muck UNDERNEATH the bottom of the barrel.

For the BBC’s full report on UKIP’s list, see…


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