If you know someone who’s thinking of voting UKIP, tell them this.

If you think UKIP is something NEW, think again.

Their leading members are ex-Tories of the most right-wing, nasty, useless kind. Having failed to get far in the Tory party they hope UKIP will give them a chance to get important.

If you think you’re sending a PROTEST VOTE to the existing parties, think again.

All you are telling them is that they must be nastier to immigrants. The Tories and Labour are already onto that.

If you’re just voting UKIP for the hell of it and votes don’t really matter anyway, think again. UKIP may end up in a coalition government with the Tories and actually start pushing this country a nasty, mad, racist direction.

That’s exactly how the Nazis started.

If you’re thinking of voting UKIP just because you like the look of Nigel Farage and his anti-establishment image, think again.

Nigel Farage is a posh, privately educated Thatcher-loving Tory, hungry for power. He is not against the establishment, he wants to use your votes to become part of it.

If you’re thinking of voting UKIP because you believe they will solve all our problems by doing something about immigration, think again.

Immigration is not the cause of the country’s problems and it’s certainly not the cause of Thanet’s problems. The place was in a terrible mess long before the immigrants came here.  It’s the economy that’s gone wrong and that’s what got to be fixed.

Immigration is just a red herring — or should that be blue kipper?!

If you’re thinking of voting UKIP because the other parties have been so bad, they can’t be worse, think again.

Think about Germany in the 1930s.

You can go from the frying pan into the fire.


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