Anti-UKIP campaigners say that Nigel Farage’s defeat in Thanet has sent a “message to the world”

Bunny la Roche of Thanet Stand Up To UKIP said: “What a brilliant result! The majority have stood up to UKIP’s horrible racism and bigotry and run ‘nasty Nigel’ off the island.”

Bunny, who came to fame after she heckled Mr Farage on the BBC Question Time show, added: “Thanet has sent a message around Britain, Europe and the world that these odious racist opportunist politicians can be confronted and defeated.”

But despite Mr Farage’s defeat, she said, the campaign group will continue to operate in Thanet.

She said: “We still have UKIP councillors round here. We will fight on against UKIP, and challenge their horrible divisive politics whenever we can.

“I have been subjected to physical attack, hate mail and online death threats from people supporting UKIP. But they won’t shut us up. We will fight on and on.”

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP has issued the following statement.

Rejoice! Thanet has turned it’s back on Nigel Farage and UKIP – the truly ‘nasty party’.

Thanet Stand Up To UKIP was formed by all sorts of local people in response to the growth of Farage’s ignorant party in Thanet.

We are young and old, women and men, immigrants and Thanet born.

We are from the LGBT community, artists, builders, writers, teachers, shop workers, people with disabilities, and people who just hate bigotry and prejudice and we won, we all won, all the fantastic people of Thanet. 

But we still have work to do.

We have to challenge UKIP on TDC. We have to rebuild the good natured acceptance of people from all walks of life, and all continents of the world, that was – and will again be – the hallmark of Thanet.

Keep Farage and the Kippers from rearing their ugly heads once again and join the struggle for a better life for all of us. 

Please note: Thanet Stand Up To UKIP is registered with the Electoral Commission. We receive no funds from any other political organisation, trade union or charity. We are financed entirely by contributions from individual supporters. Our accounts will be submitted in line with the law.


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