old mole

Fresh faced Craig Mackinlay has gone zooming up in Old Mole’s opinion (never mind that was from a very low base, o cynical one).

Interviewed on local radio this morning he admitted that tactical voting by Labour Party supporters may have played a part in his famous victory which stopped Nigel Farage becoming MP for the area.

He went further. He even said Labour Party bods had come into his office to tell him they were doing just that.

Good for you, Craig.

Old Moley believes there were three things which swung this against Nige Farage.

One was Tory voters voting Tory.

The other was Labour Party and other party supporters voting Tory.

And last there was a group called Thanet Stand Up To UKIP whose tireless campaigning educated and influenced countless numbers to vote anything but UKIP.


One comment

  1. We have former Kipper McKinley as MP….rejoice a loony swivel eyed right winger instead of an even loonier, more swivel eyed right wing nutter. And good old Chris Wells has popped his poisonous head up as TDC leader….seems like two and a half large strides backwards into the backwoods….(sighs)

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