“Edward” (the man with dark glasses) in group shot with Nigel Farage, posted by Trevor Shonk on May 8

The Thanet Stand Up to UKIP (SUTU) group which campaigned against Nigel Farage believe they were infiltrated by a UKIP spy calling himself “Edward”.

According to the group, “Edward” came to their meetings, attended their events and demonstrations and even texted some members calling on them to deface UKIP billboards.

The campaigners suspected they had a spy in their group but couldn’t prove it until one of their members spotted him in a photo with Nigel Farage’s team posted by senior UKIP member Trevor Shonk on Facebook on May 8.

A Thanet SUTU spokesperson said: “We were sickened to see this man who had come to our meetings, socialised with us, listened to our conversations in a photo with Nigel Farage’s team.

“And this man not only spied on us, he actually urged some of our members to commit criminal damage.”

The campaigners have photos of “Edward” at one of their events in Ramsgate and of texts he sent encouraging them to demonstrate against Farage.

In a text message to one of the members of the group, “Edward” said:

“Alright mate I done a bit of defacing last night at the billboards only a bit as there was quite a lot of people about also saw some more that havnt been touched next to asda in town what do you think ? They mega offend Me what say you pal ??? You have some friends that might want to help?”

The Thanet SUTU spokesperson said: “None of our members rose to his bait, but it is outrageous that he was inciting us to these actions and trying to undermine our campaign. We call on Nigel Farage to explain his relationship with this man and to explain what he’s doing in a group shot with him.”

A spokesperson for UKIP told Thanet Watch he had no knowledge of the man or why he was in the photo with Farage.


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