edward johnson 2 (1)

More news of the man who spied on the Thanet Stand Up To UKIP campaign group (you can see him hiding behind the placard, above.)

The man, who called himself Edward, turned up at Thanet SUTU events and incited them (in vain) to deface UKIP signs and heckle Farage at UKIP meetings.

Last week Edward’s cover was blown when he turned up in a team photo with Nigel Farage.

Now G from Broadstairs has sent us a report of the following conversation he had with him.

I met “Edward” on Saturday 11th April 2015 during the Thanet SUTU demo outside UKIP’s  campaign office in King St Ramsgate.

Following the ending of the demo the SUTU members then met up for a drink at the The Belgian Bar in Ramsgate & I sat at the same table as “Edward”.

Following further casual conversation with “Edward” I formed urgent suspicions about him because of the following points:

  • His accent was too middle-class/posh for his declared official job as a self-employed builder. He declared that he was a builder from Essex who had been staying somewhere in the Addington St , Ramsgate vicinity; temporarily whilst  he seeks to live in & refurbish a local empty property, with the view to selling it once refurbished by him.
  • His hands were /are too smooth/soft for a builder!! His body build was / is too slim for a builder!! He spoke too politely for a builder! His handshake was too limp for a builder!
  • He stated further that he was trained via an apprenticeship to be a builder by his father & that he (Edward) is now branching out on his own to repair empty houses & to live in these, whilst he repairs these & then sell these on.

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