stuart piper


So UKIP have their first council meeting in the only council they control – and Old Mole is overjoyed to report that nothing embarrassing happened.

But they did take a most imaginative step in making the Reverend Stuart Piper (above) chair of the council.

The Rev Piper is famous as a man who got into a complicated case of employment law with the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust, for whom he worked as a chaplain.

In 2011 the trust sacked Piper for gross misconduct.

Piper appealed, and the trust decided instead to issue him with a final formal warning, a downgrading of his role and a transfer to a different base.

But Piper argued that they had in fact sacked him and he wanted reinstatement to his role as  trust lead chaplain.

The case then gets so complicated it makes Old Mole’s head spin, but suffice to say the Rev Piper won his point.

So the message for Thanet council?

Now you’ve made the Rev Piper your chair, think very, very hard before you try to sack him…


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