With the echoes of his election victory still echoing in his ears, will we see our shiny new Conservative MP for South Thanet already in open rebellion against his Conservative government?

Surely not!

But just before the budget Craig Mackinlay told the local press that bringing in laws to make employers pay more would not be the answer to low pay and would only lose jobs because employers would not be able to pay more.

He even quoted the example of a local employer who would go out of business if they had to pay more in the way of wages.

“The biggest driver for improved salaries is a more buoyant economy,” Craig told the Thanet Gazette. “I want the economy to drive wages up.”

But then along comes Craig’s chancellor with his gor-blimey new budget and announces that the government is going to require employers to pay a new, higher minimum “living wage.”

Oh dear. What’s Craig’s view? A resigning-from-the-party issue? We’ve asked him and will report back.

old mole


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