Momentum has come to Thanet.

At a packed meeting in Ramsgate last night, the new Momentum Thanet group was formed.

The group is dedicated to campaigning for the ideas and policies of the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

A spokesperson for the group said: “Jeremy Corbyn is currently under enormous attack from a combination of the media and right-wing Labour MPs. Momentum is a grass roots movement which we hope will support him in this struggle.”

The spokesperson added: “We will be campaigning against cuts and austerity, we will be campaigning for homes for the homeless, for jobs, for education and our NHS, for the environment and for a better way of doing politics.

“This is a huge struggle but our first meeting showed that there is a great appetite and enthusiasm for taking it on.”

The next big meeting of Momentum is on Tuesday 19 January at 7pm when the guest speaker will be the shadow chancellor John McDonnell. The meeting will be at the Kings Hall, Kings Place, Ramsgate CT11 8NN. Free tickets can be booked on



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