It’s a lovely morning, you’re going down the road – then suddenly, you have this strange feeling… Something’s missing.

Something wonderful and beautiful.

What is it?

It was part of your world. But now it’s gone.

It was a tree!

People who come to live in Thanet often notice that trees in short supply.

And those trees which do exist show a frightening tendency to disappear overnight.

It’s horrifying – and not just because trees make the world less ugly.

Trees are vital entities which, ultimately, we can’t live without.

So why do some people hate them? Why do some people seem so dedicated to cutting them down?

It’s a mystery.

But at least now there’s somewhere you can go to register your support for, delight in and solidarity with for Thanet’s trees.

It’s a Facebook page called Trees Please and this is the address:

Go there, join up. Save Thanet’s trees. We need them.

One comment

  1. HI there, I doubt it’s any mystery – I suspect it’s because it’s cheaper to cut them down than maintain them. Suddenly they are troublesome (or there’s an excuse that can be used to show they’re unsafe/likely to fall down/too low and can hurt people etc etc) and could cause a problem so, bingo, cut it down!!! I think someone should ask TDC for a list of what’s been cut and the reason.

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