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duncan smithson

Duncan Smithson

So why did Thanet’s UKIP star, mayor of Ramsgate, Trevor Shonk REALLY not endorse (or say even half a word in support of) his party’s candidate for the critical Newington by-election, fun-loving Duncan Smithson?

I’m sure there are many good reasons, but is it possible one may have been dashing Dunc’s poor record on crystal ball gazing?

A couple of years ago Dunc, before he was a Kipper, speculated in learned terms on which party was going to win the parliamentary seat of Thanet South.

“Thanet South has always been a swing seat,” he wrote on a local blog, “and often a close run thing… The question is – how big will the UKIP swing be? It’s difficult to tell. The polls put it as a three way split. The word on the street is UKIP – as much a vote for change as vote for the party. If Farrage [sic] stands, I think it’s a done deal.”

Done deal? Oh dear! Not exactly was it? Nidge lost Thanet South by almost 3,000 votes, with hordes of Labour voters deciding to vote Tory rather than let the Kipper in.

So is that why Trev isn’t singing your praises, Dunc – your electoral judgement?

Or has he got other reasons? Come on, Trev – dish it!


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