Uh-oh. Some public-spirited Thanet folk are lining up to sign up to “Clean for The Queen”.

Careful guys.

This campaign, championed by the Daily Mail and supported by McDonald’s, aims “to clear up Britain” in time for Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday in June 2016.

I wonder if anyone’s asked Her Madge if she’s actually in favour of this strangely feudal project.

I don’t think they have, because I’m sure straightaway she’d have got onto her prime minister, David Cameron.

“Hey, Dave, my man,” she’d say, “vis a vis getting’ these ’ere streets clean, wouldn’t they be a lot jolly cleaner if you government chappies hadn’t been cutting local authority budgets by  £18 billion in real terms since 2010, like wot it says in my Financial Times?”

And Her Madge would be dead right because just look what’s been happening in Thanet.

Our street cleaners have been cut by a third in the four years up to 2014.

In that time Margate’s cleaners fell from 14 to 9, Ramsgate’s from 13 to ten.

Poor old Broadstairs got the worst of it – losing 60 per cent of its cleaners – meaning it ended up with just two cleaners.

Our streets have been getting dirtier because there are fewer street cleaners to clean them.

And it’s getting worse

In fact, if cuts to our street cleaners go on at their current rate, blogger Matt Brown has worked out,  that by 2021 we will have no cleaners at all.

So please Queenie, or any peasants out there good-heartedly thinking of signing up to the campaign in her name – if you want to get our streets clean, ask Dave to stop cutting the money going to our councils.

Then not only could we have cleaner streets, we could have a few more jobs around here, too.

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