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Do you have an idea which you think may help restore Thanet’s economic fortunes?

Now’s your chance to put it to Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy’s support group Momentum Thanet is putting together an alternative local plan for the Isle and is inviting anyone who has ideas to contribute to get in touch.

The emphasis will be on initiatives that create new jobs in Thanet, but they will have to be based on sound practical experience, be environmentally sustainable and provide employment at a rate above the living wage.

Momentum organiser Jackie Walker says that the idea was triggered by the visit of Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell to Thanet in January when he spoke in the Kings Theatre in Ramsgate.

Jackie said: “John mentioned the idea of local people in poorer areas like Thanet being encouraged to put forward their own economic plan for their area — so we decided to take him up on it.”

“I said, how about if people in Thanet put together their own economic plan and we present it to you. He said: why not come up to Westminster and present it to me and the entire Shadow Treasury Team!”

Momentum Thanet is inviting all people who live on the Isle to put forward their ideas and will be holding a series of meetings to discuss them.

And contributing to the plan is definitely NOT confined to members of the Labour Party.

“Our invitation is open to people of all parties and none,” Jackie said. “What we’re after are good, practical ideas based on people’s experience of living and working on the Isle.”

But, she added, priority will be given to ideas that are good for the environment, provide high quality employment and benefit the community as a whole.

“Too long people in Thanet have been told what is good for them. For too long we’ve hoped for big businesses or “entrepreneurs” – many of them extremely dodgy characters – to come and bring their money to the Isle.

“Little of what they’ve done has brought lasting benefit to the area.  We want the people who live here to propose things which will set Thanet on its feet again.”

Following rigorous examination and discussion the ideas, Jackie said, will be fed into a carefully worked out economic plan .

“When we’ve put together our plan,” she says, “we will present it to John McDonnell and the rest of the Shadow Treasury Team and seek the commitment of a future Labour government to help us put it into practice.”

The plan, which is part of the Poverty is a Crime Campaign organised by Momentum Thanet, will be launched at a public meeting on Wednesday 9 March at 7pm at the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs CT10 2BT.

At the launch there will be a special screening of a film illustrating the impact of deprivation and joblessness on Thanet and this will be followed by a discussion. Anyone who wants to contribute their ideas in advance of the meeting can email Jackie Walker on

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