jackie walker subtle

By Norman Thomas

Jackie Walker is vice chair of South Thanet Labour Party and the national Momentum party, as well as organiser of Momentum Thanet.

She has been suspended from the Labour Party on the basis of posts on her Facebook page, published in February, in which she argued that the state of Israel cannot use the Holocaust to justify committing crimes against the people of Palestine.

Within those comments, which were a dialogue rather than a statement, she also compared the sufferings of African people  as a result of colonialism and slavery (called since the 1990s the “Black Holocaust”) with the holocaust perpetrated on Jewish people in WWII and claimed that Jewish people were among the chief financiers of the sugar and slave trade.

This information was collected by an outfit called the Israeli Advocacy Organisation and published by the pro-Israel Jewish Chronicle and passed onto the Labour Party.

Her comments have been taken out of context but even then can in absolutely no way be construed as anti-semitic.

Jackie is not facing legal action. There is nothing to stop any Labour Party member or group of members making any statement they like in support of her. There will be no legal repercussions for either Jackie or the members. Anyone who tries to restrain or muzzle support for Jackie is acting against her best interests.

Jackie needs our support and we should give it to her in every way we can. South Thanet Labour Party should support her. Members of Momentum should support her. Anyone who believes in free speech and political justice should support her.


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