There will be a special event about refugees in Margate House, Friday 3 June, 7-9pm.

This will include an exhibition of Bill Knight’s photographs  called “The Refugee’s Gift”

Visitors can also hear about how Thanet people are responding to refugees in Kent and Calais.

A new film will be launched about young asylum seekers in Kent and there will be a discussion about how people can get involved in welcoming refugees.

Thanet people are collecting donations for Calais, working in the distribution centres, campaigning for rights, supporting individuals and building a culture of welcome in Thanet. This is a chance to find out what more you can do!

Can Thanet become an “Isle of Sanctuary”?

The Refugee’s Gift is at Margate House, 39-41 High Street, CT9 1DX Margate


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  1. I cannot begin to express my amazement at the treatment of Jackie,a truly amazing woman.get a grip Labour Party! I have just been elected in a traditional Tory ward the first time in19yrs that there’s been 3 labour members . Is that the Corbyn effect?

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