A formal complaint has been lodged with the Commissioner for Parliamentary Standards about South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay.

The complaint has been made by Christine Tongue, a writer for the Watch, who says Mr Mackinlay has put her in fear for her personal safety.

Christine, from Broadstairs, said: “My own MP has made the most damaging allegations about me without giving me a chance to respond or defend myself in any way. And it has exposed me to danger of personal attack.”

The basis of Christine’s complaint is that on Friday 2 September Mr Mackinlay published an unfounded allegation of anti-Semitism against her on social media. He made the allegation in a letter to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, which Mr Mackinlay then tweeted to his followers.

Christine, who is a well-known member of the Corbyn-supporting Momentum Thanet group, said: “In his letter Mr Mackinlay warned Mr Corbyn that I am an “example of ant-Semitism” and called on the Labour leader to ban me from his rally in Ramsgate which was due to take place the next day.

“He gave me no chance to defend myself against or respond to this utterly baseless and false charge before publishing it. I am in no way anti-Semitic and I am absolutely horrified to be attacked in this way.”

Christine said that the only evidence of her “anti-Semitism” Mr Mackinlay cited was a link she posted on her Facebook page to an article by the veteran Jewish US academic and author, Norman Finkelstein.

Christine said: “Far from being anti-Semitic, Mr Finkelstein himself is Jewish and his mother and father were survivors of the Holocaust.”

“Mr Mackinlay has published personal data on me in which, to my horror, he included my photo,” Christine said. “This means I am now exposed to the danger of physical attack by people who believe the terrible things he has written about me.”

Christine said: “Despite my repeated requests, Mr Mackinlay has refused to meet or talk to me to explain his allegations. He has also failed to explain why he picked on me for this attack.”

“Had he simply written a private letter to Jeremy Corbyn this might have shown that Mr Mackinlay’s concern was for the public good. But by tweeting it to the world at large he has gone far beyond what could be expected of a responsible MP.

“What he wanted, it appears, was to publically inflict as much damage as he could on me from a position of huge power and prestige, without care or regard for the impact these actions might have on me, a disabled, old age pensioner. This would be an outrageous and intolerable act by anyone – let alone my own MP.”



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