Old Mole is en route for the Labour Party Conference when the news comes through Jeremy has won.
I can’t believe it. All my secret sources said Jem was going to lose and that his rumoured lead was all disinformation put out by the Owenites.
But what can I say but  … oops?
Meanwhile, as if by an omen, I finds himself on a train to Liverpool from Wales  ram-jammed with people. Every seat is taken, every standing space is taken – no room even to sit on the floor by a toilet! 
The cause I discover is that an earlier train has been cancelled because the company “doesn’t have enough train drivers.”  And talking to regular passengers who are extremely fed up I discover this is a regular occurrence.
So the train company Arriva is blatantly saving on its costs by providing a much worse service. Who’d have thought?
Whatever Richard “Beady” Branson says, you were right, Jeremy. Our trains need a shake up. Keep working on those nationalisation plans!  

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