The delightfully chaotic Momentum-organised festival “A World Transformed” continues to be far more interesting than the Labour Party Conference itself. Went to a fascinating meeting the other day where there was huge support for nationalising the big banks. Ah Tony Blair if only you were alive now.

And the whole place was packed out for a meeting with Paul Mason, former Channel Four and BBC TV economics commentator. Paul very clearly explained why Jeremy Corbyn is never going to get anything like fair coverage in the mainstream media.

From the Sun and the Mail to the Guardian and the BBC, the whole industry is weighted against JC, in particular because of the class bias of the key reporters and managers who run everything.

And in that connection I’ve also invented another Old Mole Guessing Game. It’s called “Find The Brick”.

Remember when the soaring Angela Eagle put himself forward to valid challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and there was huge media coverage of a brick being put through her window? And how the BBC then trailed items talking about “bricks going through windows” as though there were gangs of bullies stalking the land attacking anyone who dared to oppose JC?

Well, I can tell you that despite extensive investigations, not one brick has been found or even the smallest bit of evidence that a brick was ever thrown.

So start guessing now. Where is that imaginary brick do you think? And who invented it? Entries to inmeds@yahoo.co.uk.   Your prize will be a life sized Tom Watson vodoo doll.




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