Thanet is the only council in Britain under UKIP control. Here council leader Chris Wells explains the party’s purpose by launching a blistering attack on previous Conservative and Labour Party administrations. After the meeting Labour’s Iris Johnston accused Wells of distorting the truth about her, while Tory leader Bob Bayford pointed out that Wells was until recently a senior member of the Conservative council he attacked in his speech.

During the election of last year UKIP made much of promising to reopen Manston Airport. But now they seem happy to see it closed. Chris Wells hasn’t ruled out running for leader of UKIP.



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  1. Very odd that Chris Wells was a Conservative backing the party and imposing the very things he is now decrying as a UKIPPER. I am sure he is ever so slightly hypocritical or maybe even very hypocritical at slagging off the very things he impossed. As a Thanet resident I am very disappointed that things have not improved in the area and I think Mr Wells would do well to look around and see how he could make Thanet a better place rather than spend his time back biting and bitching about what has passed.He needs to look forwards but seems unable to. Chris sort the area out the streets could be cleaner the place needs lots of little jobs but rather than looking to see what can be achieved you want to tell people how good YOU are well let me tell you if Thanet is anything to go by your achievements are few but failures you seem to make a good job of them .

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