Last week, Sheree Bell spoke at a Momentum Thanet meeting, describing how she was suspended from the Labour Party and her vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader declared null and void. Here she provides links to sites which provide more information about suspensions from the Labour Party.

If people would like to find out more about Labour Party suspensions then these are the links to look at. The whole point is that THOUSANDS of Corbyn-supporting activists have been knocked out of the system by a small minority who hold control in the Labour Party. There is no due process or natural justice and they seem to make things up as they go along. SO MANY people who are suspended and expelled – often on very spurious grounds  – are encountering injustice and unfairness in the way they are being treated. Labour needs to clean up its house before it can be strong enough to take on the Tories or even UKIP at this rate and support for comrades is paramount. Find out more, including many personal stories, here:

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