Letter to Jeremy Corbyn Number 1


Whatever you do Jeremy please don’t reach an accommodation  with people in the Parliamentary Labour Party. It will do you no good whatsoever.

On the one hand, it will just give them breathing space to stab you in the back.  On the other hand, it will cause the people in the party at large who voted for you, as well as the wide range of our supporters outside the party, to lose their faith.

The vast majority of people who voted for you in your two election leaderships voted for you exactly because you have never been prepared to compromise on your principles with your parliamentary colleagues.

By reaching an accommodation with them now you risk losing the support  of the people who love you and what you represent.

It’s hard to work out what the future holds for the either the Labour Party, or for British or even world politics, but I am certain that the way forward doesn’t lie in reaching any kind of agreement or compromise with members of parliament whose ideas have failed the country in the past and are all too likely to do so again.

Despite the media, despite the heckling and the whispering from people in the Westminster “bubble” your supporters across the country want you to go forward with the principles and values and policies you have supported your entire parliamentary career. Please, please do so. We will be with you.

All the best

R.B. Wedge


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