Letter to Jeremy Corbyn Number Two


Given the number of problems and issues facing you currently, Jeremy, my suggestion of what you should put top of your to-do list may surprise you.

It’s Donald Trump.

Many people believe Trump is a force for the bad but think he won’t be able to do much, because of the checks and balances in the US constitution.

But weirdly the US constitution means that while its president is held back creating good things (like a new health care system), it’s a whole different nuclear-powered kettle of kippers when it comes to bad things: like going to war.

In theory only the US congress can declare war. But acting as their country’s “commander in chief” presidents have in fact taken their country into a series of conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Then there’s the matter of Trump’s finger on the nuclear trigger.

On January 20, after Obama steps down, the military officer carrying the nuclear codes will start following Trump.

From that moment on Trump will be able to order the launch one or one thousand nuclear warheads, each many times the size of the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, whenever he pleases.

But to make things critically worse Trump may just have the motivation to pull the trigger.

This is because he has gained power by making huge promises – among the most important of which are to restore US employment on an epic scale, reviving dead or dying industries.

There is only one way he will be able to fulfill those apparently impossible promises – and that is by going to war.

And Trump being Trump might just do it.

This is why we need a major global movement against him.

This movement needs to embrace all those people in America who are already passionately opposed to him – as well as the multitudes in the rest of the world who see the danger he poses.

This movement certainly won’t be led by people like Theresa May who are already “repositioning” themselves to be on side with Trump.

This movement needs leaders who a record of refusing to compromise with the political or commercial establishment.

People who have risen outside the conventional power structures, because that’s the only way they will be trusted.

People like Bernie Sanders.

People like Jeremy Corbyn.

Go for it Jeremy. Start making the speeches.

All the best

R.B. Wedge

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